Monday, August 31, 2009

Recap: The Rosebud

I've got a bruise that is about 8" long on my waist and I cannot remember how I got it...My new satin finish shoes look like I went for a jog through a pool of beer...and I'm not sure if the Guinness spot on my white tube top is coming out...and... IT WAS WORTH IT.

I had so much fun on Saturday. I cannot believe that every time I was up dancing that there were so many people up front that I didn't recognize! I talked to one woman who is a corporate lawyer in Boston, and she said that she wants to see them playing out on the East Coast. There were plenty of new faces and everyone was letting loose! If you missed out last weekend, The band's going to be back at the Rosebud next Saturday to play with Voodoo Theory and Dirty Americans!

Birthday-wise, I hope Ian had a good time. I think my immediate family may have drank enough to cover the band's fee ^_^ I swiped all the photos from Kristin's myspace. I'm so glad Kristin, Jason, Kara, Morgan, Matt & Adam all came out to their first Kilacel show on Saturday. Hope to see more of you guys!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Plug in the Muskegon Chronicle

To our surprise, last night after getting dimed in softball, Luke's mom Sharon handed us a copy of the Muskegon Chronicle's Entertainment section and said, "I liked the article."


The Muskegon Chronicle gave Kilacel probably the best plug yet...and they had no idea it was going to be in the paper! I couldn't find it on mlive, so Ian scanned a copy for me.

And I quote..."Kilacel is one of West Michigan's most promising up-and-coming bands..."

I'm so excited about tomorrow's show!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Take Five Tomorrow Morning

In case you're not at work, check out Channel 13 WZZM's Take Five tomorrow morning. Kilacel will be interviewed and they'll do an acoustic version of one or two of their originals. The show starts at 9AM. I'll have to be at work, but I think I should be able to get a hold of the clip online. If I find it, I'll be sure to post it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rosebud for Ian's Birthday

We're celebrating Ian's birthday on Saturday at The Rosebud in Grand Haven, Michigan. Luke keeps telling me I'm going to get it when it's time for my birthday, but I'm still going to promote the event using my favorite Ian pics.... Like these gems:

Don't miss out!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Project: Encore Recap

Last Friday, Kilacel played at Project: Encore at Club 131 at the Deltaplex. The 'project' is a Battle of the Bands lasting 8 weeks to culminate in a final 8 contenders for one grand prize.

The guys performed awesome, and the judges all had nothing but praise when they gave them feedback after the performance. The only thing which could be seen as negative was a joke about Matt needing to smile more. Yet, when the announcement was posted, Holland rockers 'The Vandrie' won. I cannot comment on their performance, as I had to go pick up something to eat after Kilacel performed because I missed dinner. I got back in time to see them wrap up their last song, and to hear the judges commentary, which was very positive...interestingly, one judge made a point to mention that they were all smiling...

For the record, Matt's a BAMF and since when are real rockers supposed to smile?


So anyway, the band gets another chance. No details posted, but they're going onto a 'Wild Card' round. I think the judges just wanted to see them perform three times instead of just two ;)
The project was great exposure for them, and they've gotten a lot more hits and friend requests since Friday. I'm looking forward to seeing them up there again. It's kind of refreshing for the guys because they get as much space as they want to rock out.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Love the Blue Note!

Last night, the Blue Note delivered the best sound quality in town as sound guru Eric hooked it up for Kilacel. If only more people had been there to hear it! I almost feel sorry for anyone who missed the show, because it was good rock and good company. The people who did come out were totally into it, and I love it when people let loose and 'get up, get up - on the dance floor.'

Thanks to Tim, Jeff, Omar, Steve, and the rest of the Blue Note staff for being so great to the band and the fans. We had an awesome time. Looking forward to being there again next month, September 26.

If you were there and liked what you heard ... come back out! To everyone else ... you know you don't have plans for the night ... check out a new sound and support up-and-coming local music (BAMF).

Support the best damned rock bar in town:

Support the best damned rock show in town:

New Blog - Support the Cause

As 'band momma' (I didn't make the nick name up - it was imposed on me), I really want to expose more people to Kilacel. They have an appealing sound and connect well with newcomers, but we just need to get the word out so people can enjoy the Kilacel Experience and come back for more.

The Kilacel myspace has over 500 friends, and over 13,000 views.

At the Summer Celebration, the guys handed out over 100 EPs.

We've done some flier posting at local colleges, music stores, and coffee shops / restaurants.

Any ideas how to get more people out?

Saturday, August 1, 2009