Monday, August 24, 2009

Project: Encore Recap

Last Friday, Kilacel played at Project: Encore at Club 131 at the Deltaplex. The 'project' is a Battle of the Bands lasting 8 weeks to culminate in a final 8 contenders for one grand prize.

The guys performed awesome, and the judges all had nothing but praise when they gave them feedback after the performance. The only thing which could be seen as negative was a joke about Matt needing to smile more. Yet, when the announcement was posted, Holland rockers 'The Vandrie' won. I cannot comment on their performance, as I had to go pick up something to eat after Kilacel performed because I missed dinner. I got back in time to see them wrap up their last song, and to hear the judges commentary, which was very positive...interestingly, one judge made a point to mention that they were all smiling...

For the record, Matt's a BAMF and since when are real rockers supposed to smile?


So anyway, the band gets another chance. No details posted, but they're going onto a 'Wild Card' round. I think the judges just wanted to see them perform three times instead of just two ;)
The project was great exposure for them, and they've gotten a lot more hits and friend requests since Friday. I'm looking forward to seeing them up there again. It's kind of refreshing for the guys because they get as much space as they want to rock out.

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