Sunday, August 23, 2009

Love the Blue Note!

Last night, the Blue Note delivered the best sound quality in town as sound guru Eric hooked it up for Kilacel. If only more people had been there to hear it! I almost feel sorry for anyone who missed the show, because it was good rock and good company. The people who did come out were totally into it, and I love it when people let loose and 'get up, get up - on the dance floor.'

Thanks to Tim, Jeff, Omar, Steve, and the rest of the Blue Note staff for being so great to the band and the fans. We had an awesome time. Looking forward to being there again next month, September 26.

If you were there and liked what you heard ... come back out! To everyone else ... you know you don't have plans for the night ... check out a new sound and support up-and-coming local music (BAMF).

Support the best damned rock bar in town:

Support the best damned rock show in town:

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