Monday, August 31, 2009

Recap: The Rosebud

I've got a bruise that is about 8" long on my waist and I cannot remember how I got it...My new satin finish shoes look like I went for a jog through a pool of beer...and I'm not sure if the Guinness spot on my white tube top is coming out...and... IT WAS WORTH IT.

I had so much fun on Saturday. I cannot believe that every time I was up dancing that there were so many people up front that I didn't recognize! I talked to one woman who is a corporate lawyer in Boston, and she said that she wants to see them playing out on the East Coast. There were plenty of new faces and everyone was letting loose! If you missed out last weekend, The band's going to be back at the Rosebud next Saturday to play with Voodoo Theory and Dirty Americans!

Birthday-wise, I hope Ian had a good time. I think my immediate family may have drank enough to cover the band's fee ^_^ I swiped all the photos from Kristin's myspace. I'm so glad Kristin, Jason, Kara, Morgan, Matt & Adam all came out to their first Kilacel show on Saturday. Hope to see more of you guys!

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